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New Year's Resolution: Protect All Endpoints Throughout the Company

The disturbing news about large-scale and sophisticated hacker attacks in recent weeks has clearly shown: Every organisation must act and adapt its cyber protection systems to the latest threats. WIRD recommends the CrowdStrike Falcon security solution for this purpose.

Work from Anywhere as new reality

Due to external circumstances, a large proportion of people work from home. "Work from Anywhere" has suddenly gone from being the exception to the new norm and will become part of normal everyday life even after the pandemic is over. Classic perimeter protection concepts for corporate networks are no longer suitable in this new situation and must be replaced by zero trust concepts. For companies and public organisations, especially in system-relevant areas such as power supply, communication systems, health care, etc., the achievement of the 1-10-60 rule must be the defined goal in order to avert major damage and failures.

The 1-10-60 rule

This rule states that the cyber defence of a company or a public organisation must be set up in such a way that an intrusion is

  • detected within 1 minute

  • analysed and countermeasures defined within 10 minutes

  • combated and stopped from spreading within the organisation's systems within 60 minutes

Achieving this goal is ambitious, but as recent events have shown, there is no way around working towards this goal.

Why comprehensive endpoint protection

In the new work-from-anywhere situation, the end devices of the users, i.e. PCs, laptops and smartphones, have proven to be particularly vulnerable. Since in many companies and organisations these devices were previously only protected as long as they were used from the company workplace, attackers of various kinds are targeting the user devices in the home office. From there, the attackers then enter the company network and spread rapidly if they are not quickly detected and stopped.

WIRD recommends CrowdStrike

We recommend the Falcon Suite and solutions from CrowdStrike as one of the few comprehensive security solutions that can meet the high demands. The GARTNER specialists have also rated CrowdStrike as a leader in their GARTNER quadrant for years.

Don't wait any longer, contact us ( for a no-obligation demonstration of the CrowdStrike Falcon solution.


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