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Reliable and Flexible Object Storage for Switzerland

Is your company or organisation looking for a reliable S3 storage service, hosted in Switzerland, that durably protects your data against ransomware ?
We have the solution. 


WIRD is the leading IT infrastructure and security solution provider in Switzerland. We offer unlimited S3 capacities for your data storage, backup and archiving. Our S3 is compatible with all current backup solutions and guarantees data immutability.
We also offer S3 object storage on-premise >>


Your Advantages

  • Object Storage Infrastructure hosted in Tier IV data center in Switzerland

  • Data immutability for ransomware protection / S3 object lock

  • Compatible with all popular backup solutions

  • Take what you need now and scale up to exabytes without disruption

  • Full S3-API-conformity guarantees connectability

  • S3 Service powered by Cloudian technology

  • Full cost transparency

  • Billing only on volume used, no charge for outgoing traffic

  • Encrypted data transmission (TLS)

  • Certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO27017 for Cloud Security​

  • Compliant FINMA 2018/3 circular “Outsourcing” for Banks and Insurances

More Information about WIRD.Cloud Offerings

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