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WIRD Integration Services

The best ICT infrastructure integrates and deploys advanced technology solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers. WIRD Integration Services can customise these solutions to meet your requirements and ensure their interoperability.

As soon as the basic architecture and solution have been chosen, an ICT project enters a very dynamic phase. WIRD integrates the selected applications and deploys the solution.


Integration is a fundamental part of the WIRD added-value service. We integrate the various technology and services components of the solution. Then, we test the whole network and the applications to ensure compatibility and remove operational faults. WIRD Group is a certified partner of world-leading technology suppliers.


The deployment phase is where the success of the project is decided. A dedicated project manager will use proactive risk management procedures to organize the work in precise, realistic steps with a clear definition of responsibilities and agreed milestones, bringing in any expert help required to minimize business disruption and anticipate last minute changes. 



Cloud Services
WIRDCloud offers standard and customized cloud services hosted in Swiss data centers. These data centers meet the toughest industry standards in terms of security and reliability. We offer Storage aaS, IaaS, PaaS, Hosting, and Housing. More Information about Cloud >>

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