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Traditional IT Infrastructure Provider Since 1997

WIRD Group is one of the leading IT infrastructure and security solution providers in Switzerland offering its customer's proven systems and technologies. We work very closely with established hardware producers and software companies in order to offer the best solutions.

WIRD Group Systems & Servers

We offer the following enterprise-critical platforms and systems for our customers everywhere in Switzerland:

We offer a full range of services for 

WIRD Group Storage & Backup Solutions

Acting as a storage and backup solution provider in Switzerland for more than 20 years, WIRD Group proposes modern architectures adapted to clients needs.


We offer the following enterprise solutions for our customers:


  • S3 Object Storage from Cloudian, IBM and NetApp

  • Flash Storage from IBM, NetApp and other vendors

  • High Performance Storage for AI / data intenisve apps from

  • Storage Virtualisation from IBM

  • Archiving solutions from different vendors

  • Backup and recovery from IBM, Rubrik and other vendors

  • Tape storage and virtual tape library from IBM

WIRD Group Security Solutions

We have the skills,certifications and experience to assist you and define together a security and cybersecurity strategy adapted to your business activity and your needs.


We provide security solutions from leading vendors

WIRD Group Private Cloud

Private cloud refers to a model of cloud computing where IT services are provisioned over private IT infrastructure for the dedicated use of a single organization. A private cloud is usually managed via internal resources.


WIRD Group has more than 20 years of experience in IT infrastructure. We provide private cloud solutions from leading vendors.


WIRD Group also offers data center space for hosting your private cloud.


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