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Swiss SMEs are preferred targets of ransomware criminals

The latest cases that have come to light, such as Matisa Matérial Industriel, Comparis, Siegfried Chemie or SwissWindows, show that Swiss SMEs must expect a serious attack at any time. These attacks lead to serious problems or even the shutdown of company activities. Only the most modern cyber protection measures can prevent such criminal attacks.

It is well known that the 95,000 Swiss SMEs form the backbone of Swiss economic activity and that many thousands of these companies achieve technological excellence in niche markets or offer internationally sought-after services. With a few exceptions, however, Swiss SMEs have unfortunately not yet adapted to the changed cyber threat situation. So far, the approach has been "attackers go for large corporations, there is much more to get there" or "we are too small to be attacked". With the recent development of a veritable "Ransomware as a Service" industry, attackers can target and shut down any company, no matter how small.

Why are SMEs also interesting for attackers?

Small and medium-sized enterprises are targeted for a variety of reasons, from money and intellectual property to customer data and access.

  • Entrance door to larger companies: As suppliers to large, well-cyber-protected companies, SME supplier access to ordering systems is used to penetrate the large target companies

  • Fast money: If SMEs are paralysed, the management is almost always left with no other choice than to pay the extorted sum. Company owners decide quickly and do not have to wait for company panels to agree

  • IP and know-how theft: Many Swiss SMEs are world leaders in highly specialised niche markets. Stealing special knowledge and know-how and selling it on has become a global business and can cause medium-term existential damage to the target company

High time for SMEs to improve cyberdefence arrangements

All forecasts by renowned market researchers show that the criminal business of extorting companies will continue to increase rapidly in the coming months and years. Swiss SMEs have a lot to lose in this. Company responsibles are well advised to clarify rapidly how they can better protect their organisations.

Contact the WIRD specialists

Talk to the WIRD specialists and arrange a non-binding online consultation appointment at . Our partner company CrowdStrike for instance now also offers protection solutions for SMEs. Download the new CrowdStrike report "Ransomware Realities for Small and Medium-sized Businesses" here >>.


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