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WEKA.IO offers the fastest file storage for AI and technical computing

WIRD Group offers this innovative solutions to support its clients with AI and Life Science applications

WekaIO has built the industry’s first flash-native parallel file system that delivers unmatched performance to the most demanding applications, scaling to exabytes of data in a single namespace. In June 2019, WekaIO announced record-breaking performance on the STAC-M3 “Tick Analytics” Benchmark for financial analytics and multiple enterprise applications—breaking 8 STAC-M3 world records for mean query-response times and 4 world records for throughput.

In addition, the WekaIO File System currently holds one of the top positions on the independent SPEC SFS 2014 benchmark and the #1 position on VI4IO’s 10 Node Challenge list.

Find more information on the WEKO.IO Solutions on the WIRD Website or download the following documents:

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