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Rubrik's New Complete Edition - Just as powerful, more affordable.

Rubrik Cloud Data Management is the leading next generation enterprise grade backup and recovery solution. When compared to legacy offerings Rubrik integrates much better with orchestration platforms, delivers better RTOs, and provides for much easier deployment and operational management. The integration with object storage is native not an afterthought, and cloud workloads can be protected just as easily.

Although Rubrik is a software only company not in the business of commercializing commodity hardware, the software version of Rubrik CDM, call Edge Edition is available only to customer who have purchased the Rubrik appliances. The result is a high entry ticket that smaller customer found difficult to justify. This was an unfortunate situation, as they were typically the ones most attracted to a comprehensive backup solution that don’t require specialist skills to operate.

This week, Rubrik introduced the Complete Edition of Rubrik CDM, which offer all the same functions as the Enterprise Edition, but with limits on the scaling of clusters. This more affordable packaging should allow most small and medium sized companies to benefit from features like recovery from Ransomware attacks and Cloud archival for long term retention, that enables Rubrik to deliver fast time to value.

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