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F5 Networks - Web Application Security and Traffic Management

F5 Networks technologies focus on the delivery, security, performance, and availability of web applications, as well as the availability of servers, cloud resources, data storage devices, and other networking components. 


Known originally for its load balancing product, today F5's product and services line has expanded into all things related to the delivery of applications, including local load balancing and acceleration, global (DNS based) load balancing and acceleration, security through web application firewall and application authentication and access products, DDoS defense, and more.


F5 technologies are available in the data center and the cloud, including private, public, and multi-cloud environments based on platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and OpenStack.


WIRD Group has been the partner introducing F5 Networks in the early 2000 years to the Swiss market. As F5 Networks Platinum Partner, WIRD is still a leading value-added reseller of F5 Network products and solutions which world-class F5 skills among its staff. 

The F5 Networks Solution Portfolio covers needs of corporations and public organisations of all sizes

F5 App-centric Security


F5 helps to define what makes your apps vulnerable and how they are potentially attacked so that the adequate countermeasures are put in place to lower the risk. F5's application security mitigated today's advanced threats and supports your business objectives.

F5's areas of web application security expertise:

  • DDoS Protection: Defense against disruption

  • App Infrastructure Protection: Preservation of infrastructure integrity

  • Web and API Protection: Protection of apps and data

  • Identity & Access Management: Enablement of access without the introduction of risk

F5 Traffic Management Solutions


Customers and employees expect fast, uninterrupted access to applications, wherever they are. F5 load balancing, security, performance, and management services all play into meeting those expectations.


F5's areas of web traffic management expertise:

  • Load Balancing: Sophisticated, enterprise-class load balancing including granular layer 7 control, SSL offloading and acceleration as well as on-demand scaling

  • Availability: Acceleration for app response time, minimisation of latency and reduction of data round-trips necessary for a web request

  • Performance: Improvement of performance and availability by guiding users automatically to the closest or best-performing physical, virtual or cloud environment

F5 Cloud Security - Uncomplicating Cloud Complexity


In the Cloud, application-level security is your responsibility. There are significant security challenges that you have to address. 

F5 Cloud Security helps to retain the same rigorous enterprise risk-management capabilities found in the data center also for cloud-native apps by providing advanced application services. These services go beyond what cloud providers deliver.

F5’s advanced app services provide for business-critical apps:

  • Increased performance

  • High visibility

  • Advanced security features

  • Broad, integrated support across cloud platforms

  • Tight integration with the tools you already use in your CI/CD

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