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WIRD is IBM Platinum Business Partner and
provides all IBM Systems and Server Solutions

IBM Power

IBM Power Systems - Industry-leading value and performance

.With Power Systems, clients can take advantage of superior core performance and memory bandwidth to deliver both performance and price-performance advantages.
Ranked No. 1 in every major reliability category by ITIC*, IBM Power Systems deliver the most reliable on-premises infrastructure to meet around-the-clock customer demands​

SAP Hana on Power

Run SAP HANA on the platform built for big data

With built-in virtualization and capacity on demand, IBM Power Systems™ meet the demands of data-intense in-memory workloads, allowing you to grow your database capacity and the size of your SAP HANA® environment without having to provision a new server.

IBM Mainframe

IBM Mainframe Systems: Ready to tackle to your toughest challenges

IBM Z mainframe servers and software are the foundation for trusted digital experiences.


The world is in the midst of a digital transformation. As businesses adapt to capitalize on digital, trust will be the currency that drives this new economy. Trust is why 44 of the top 50 banks and 90% of the largest airlines run on IBM Z mainframes.

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