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F5 NGINX Application Platform

F5 NGINX is the popoular open source platform offering a suite of technologies for developing and delivering modern applications. Together with the F5 security and traffic management solutions, F5 NGINX bridges the gap between NetOps and DevOps with multi-cloud applications services that span from code to customer.

WIRD Group has been the partner introducing F5 Networks in the early 2000 years to the Swiss market. As F5 Networks Platinum Partner, WIRD is still a leading value-added reseller of F5 Network products and solutions which world-class F5 skills among its staff. 


Consolidate disparate load balancing, proxying, and WAF capabilities into a single ingress/egress software tier.


Mission control for your apps and APIs. Get a modular solution to manage NGINX solutions at scale across a multi-cloud environment.


Deploy and operate NGINX Controller and NGINX Plus in any cloud, bare metal, virtual machine, or container-based environment.

NGINX Products

NGINX Controller


From NetOps to DevOps, modern app teams need a self-service, API-driven platform that integrates easily into CI/CD workflows to accelerate app deployment — whether your app has a hybrid or microservices architecture — and make app lifecycle management easier. Built to manage NGINX Plus instances, NGINX Controller is a cloud-native, secure, and high-performance application delivery platform.


Built to manage NGINX Plus instances, NGINX Controller is cloud‑native, secure, and high‑performance.  Are you ready to experience lightning‑fast application delivery and API management?


Request a free trial directly with F5 NGINX today.  

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Simplify your architecture while reducing costs with the only all-in-one load balancer, API gateway, sidecar proxy, content cache, and web server.


Lay the foundation for your service mesh with a dynamic application server, HTTP server, and reverse proxy that is designed from scratch around the needs of your distributed applications.

NGINX Open Source

Leverage the open source web server that powers 400 million websites.

NGINX App Protect

Modern app security powered by F5 WAF technology running on NGINX Plus. Prevent downtime & breaches by securing your apps and APIs.

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