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Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)

The WIRDCloud Monitoring Service offers our customers intelligent and multi-cloud capable monitoring of their systems, applications and network structures. By consolidating all your monitoring tools, we provide transparency and overview and thus significantly increase the quality assurance of your IT infrastructure.

  • In close coordination with you, we implement the IT monitoring that is right for your company and monitor the quality of your internal and external services in terms of availability, performance and reliability

  • Multi Cloud Monitoring allows you to document and prove the availability of your IT services. Further information on performance and availability is also continuously determined and documented. The status of your IT landscape is identified transparently in real time and clearly displayed on the monitoring dashboard. 

What does WIRDCloud MaaS offer?


Benefits & advantages of WIRDCloud MaaS

  • Consolidation of your monitoring tools

  • Monitoring of all cloud landscapes

  • Service, system and network monitoring

  • Early detection of bottlenecks

  • Optimization of IT resources

  • Level-by-level display of information

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