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WIRD presents IBM's new E1080 IBM Power server for the next generation enterprise hybrid cloud

Meet the new IBM Power 1080
Key features of the IBM E1080 server


Respond faster to business demands. The Power10 processor enables more efficient scaling without requiring energy or footprint increases. Power Private Cloud with dynamic capacity now includes metering of Red Hat OpenShift in addition to Linux, AIX and IBM i environments for flexible consumption consistently across public, private and hybrid cloud.


Protect data from core to cloud. Support end-to-end encryption across hybrid cloud using memory encryption at the processor level — without management overhead or performance impact. And protect from future threats with support for post-quantum cryptography and fully homomorphic encryption.

Built for AI

Streamline insights and automation. Now you can extract new insights faster from enhanced in-core AI inferencing capability in every server. Securely extract insights from your most sensitive data where it resides, eliminating the time and risk of data movement.

E1080 built for extreme workloads
Choose the OS best for your needs


Power servers can meet all the needs of your SAP® workloads with built-in virtualization and capacity on demand. Scale without the addition of new servers.


With Enterprise Linux® on IBM® Power® Systems, you can amplify the many benefits of open source technology – reliability, security and scalability – with industry-leading cloud-native deployment options

Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Cloud Paks

Your organization must secure sensitive data and workloads, support new applications and deliver consistency and simplicity across the enterprise. Red Hat® OpenShift® and IBM Cloud® Paks solutions on Power servers can help.


Enterprises need infratructure that is secure, highly available and adabptable to meet changing business demands. AIX® on Power deliver these capabilities


Optimise you IM i hybrid cloud. IBM i can run anywhere your applications and your data need to be.

WIRD as preferred IBM Power Partner

WIRD is one of the very few IBM Platinum Business Partners in Switzerland and holds the highest certification for IBM Power expertise, thanks to the know how and experience of the WIRD IBM Power specialists.

For any question around IBM Power10, Hybrid Cloud, SAP on Power and all other related topics, do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding discussion of your requirements.

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