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WIRD.Cloud: Your S3 Enterprise Object Storage from Swiss Tier IV Datacenter

In just a few years, S3 object storage technology has become the quasi-standard for object-oriented data storage. The reasons are obvious:

  • High data security is achievable, especially reinforced by simple but effective encryption.

  • Compatible with practically all known backup solutions

  • Storage allocation is practically freely selectable and can be scaled quickly and easily. This allows a small start-up and a growth of the storage capacity depending on the requirements.

  • Large amounts of data can be stored permanently at low cost and made accessible quickly.

However, the high flexibility and the low-cost storage space of the large providers always had an important flaw, which has now been eliminated by the WIRD-Swisscloud offer.

With WRD.Cloud Object Storage, the stored data is located in a FINMA-compliant Swiss data centre. To ensure the highest standards, WIRD offers its S3 object storage service from a Swiss Tier IV data centre. The WIRD.Cloud service is also certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 27017 for cloud security. Of course, the service is compatible with all common backup systems.

WIRD is currently offering all interested Enterprise customers a free trial of S3 Object Storage for up to 3 months. Find more information here >>

Contact us anytime for your free access to WIRD.Cloud Object Storage at


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