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SCC Yacht J-70 "WIRD.Cloud" Ready for the Sailing Season

Apart from to working for our customers, it is also important to find a sporting balance. WIRD therefore supports the Cham Sailing Club (SCC) by sponsoring a regatta yacht. She has been brought out of her winter quarters and is already being used lively for trainings again.

Although the last few weeks of snow and cold breezes have not yet felt like spring, the sailing cracks from the SCC have already put their new J-70 regatta yacht "WIRD.Cloud" in the water and - still warmly clad - are already out on the lake for training.

Also this year, the SCC will take part in several regattas throughout Switzerland and will certainly be competing for the top places again. The "WIRD.Cloud" yacht serves the SCC regatta sailors and the hopeful young talents as a pratice boat for their training.

WIRD wishes the SCC regatta team "Good wind" and "Always a hand's breadth of water under the keel".

Picture: The SCC's J-70 yacht "WIRD.Cloud" in front of the picturesque beach promenade of Cham, canton Zug, Switzerland.


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