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Endpoint Security that deserves this name is an absolute "must-have"

In today's challenging business environment, attacks must not only be detected, but above all blocked extremely quickly.

Even before the current pandemic, securing individual user devices within a company network was a serious security topic. Anti-virus and internet security software on user devices had long been standard and many companies not only protected computers and servers, but also their employees' company smartphones or even implemented an explicit BYOD policy.

But then February and March 2020 came along and suddenly entire office work sectors were working mostly from outside the secured company perimeter and a significant proportion of them with unsecured private devices.

In this situation, many corporate and IT managers became aware for the first time that comprehensive and responsive endpoint protection was the only real protection for a widely dispersed enterprise. According to market researchers at IDC, 70% of all security breaches are due to unsecured endpoints. At the same time, it became clear that traditional endpoint protection was not able to provide an effective defence against the rapidly changing and frequently occurring attacks. Not only the detection of a cyber attack is therefore essential, but also how quickly a breach can be reacted to and fended off.

WIRD GROUP therefore recommends the comprehensive Falcon platform from partner company CrowdStrike. The Falcon platform from Crowdstrike is now available in three new packages: Falcon PRO, Falcon ENTERPRISE and Falcon PREMIUM. Each package can be seamlessly extended with additional modules, depending on your needs. The packages can be purchased per endpoint with a monthly subscription. This means that even smaller organisations can benefit from CrowdStrike's comprehensive protection. Of course, Falcon COMPLETE is still available as a complete solution for company-wide protection.

Here is an overview of the Falcon modules and their function in the defensive setup:

Please contact us or write to We will be happy to advise you based on your specific situation and your needs.

You can find more information about the Falcon platform directly on the CrowdStrike website >>


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