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CROWDSTRIKE Global Threat Report 2021: Healthcare sector is under increased cyber attack

The pandemic has mercilessly revealed that in practically all European countries, and especially in Switzerland, digitalisation in the health sector is still in its infancy. At the same time, however, it also became clear that in the healthcare sector, the existing systems and digitalised processes are completely inadequately protected against cyberattacks. As a responsible person in the healthcare sector, you can no longer accept this precarious situation.

In the latest Global Threat Report 2021 by the security solutions company CrowdStrike, it is impressively shown on the basis of data surveys that the attacks that have become public, such as those on the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or on hospitals, are not "unfortunate individual cases". Cyber attacks on the vital health services have increased sharply since 2020 and are now causing great damage. Of course, other industries such as banking and insurance are also heavily targeted by increasingly professional attackers.

WIRD being the leading CrowdStrike partner for Switzerland, we offer the download of the Global Threat Report 2021 here >> at WIRD.

WIRD not only offers comprehensive protection with the CrowdStrike Falcon security platform, but also has experienced security specialists who have best references from large Swiss hospitals and healthcare institutions and can advise how to organise your organisation's defense against the cyber attackers.

Do not hesitate any longer and contact us for a non-binding discussion at .


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