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CrowdStrike at the Zero-Day Conference in Geneva

WIRD Group presented the Gartner-leading endpoint security solutions from CrowdStrike at the Zero-Day Security Conference of October 24, 2019, at the Forum in Geneva.

Celestino Geijo, WIRD, Shari Daneshjoo, CrowdStrike, and Alexandre Molari, WIRD, at the common booth at the Zero-Day Conference
Celestino Geijo, WIRD, Shari Daneshjoo, CrowdStrike, Alexandre Molari, WIRD (ltr)

With attacks on companies but also on public organisations, energy and communication utilities, hospitals and other critical infrastructures becoming rapidly more sophisticated and professionalised, organisations have realised that the classic perimeter security measures are no longer sufficient. CrowdStrike Inc., a young enterprise founded in 2011, took a different approach from the very outset to focus on an entirely cloud-native, AI-based approach to endpoint security. Having been recognised by Gartner in past years as a rising star in endpoint security, CrowdStrike's new approach has been crowned by the "Leader" position in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection.

WIRD Group, known for bringing new and exiting solutions to the Swiss security market for its customers, has been a CrowdStrike partner of the first hour in Switzerland !

  Chris Meidinger, CrowdStrike's Sales Engineering Manager Central Europe talking about how to fend off highly sophisticated attacks
Chris Meidinger, CrowdStrike

On a common booth at this year's Geneva Zero-Day Security Conference and completed with a speech of Chris Meidinger, Sales Engineering Manager Central Europe for CrowdStrike, conference visitors could experience first-hand the power of this fresh, new approach to endpoint protection.

For more information, do no hesitate to contact any of the WIRD offices or CrowdStrike's Swiss client advisor.

Link to Chris Meidinger's profile at the conference website.


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