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Once again, Netskope is named a leader and is positioned furthest in the CASB solutions by Gartner

Cloud access security brokers have become an essential element of any cloud security strategy, helping organizations govern the use of cloud and protect sensitive data in the cloud. Security and risk management leaders concerned about their organizations’ cloud use should investigate CASBs. WIRD is the proud partner for Netskope CASB solutions for Switzerland.

CASB Magic Quadrant 2018, Copyright Gartner Inc

Netskope was founded in October 2012 and began shipping a CASB in October 2013. Netskope was one of the early CASB vendors that emphasized both cloud application discovery and SaaS security posture assessments. It includes well-developed behavior analytics and alerting within managed and unmanaged SaaS applications.

Netskope’s most common implementation models are API inspection and forward proxy, either via chaining or with a combination of an on-premises gateway and end-user agents. Reverse proxy is also available. The agents permit monitoring and control of native mobile applications and sync clients, and are used to steer traffic into Netskope’s cloud (they have no other endpoint functionality). Netskope has further expanded its threat protection features by adding in-line proxy and API-based inspection of content for malware. To broaden its appeal to a wider set of buyers, Netskope has developed a secure web gateway and acquired other vendors for CSPM and for incident response. Netskope is in process for FedRAMP authorization at the High Impact level.

Market Definition by Gartner

Gartner defines the cloud access security broker (CASB) market as products and services that address security gaps in an organization’s use of cloud services. This technology is the result of the need to secure cloud services — which are being adopted at a significantly increased rate — and access to them from users both within and outside the traditional enterprise perimeter, plus growing direct cloud-to-cloud access. They deliver differentiated, cloud-specific capabilities generally not available as features in other security controls such as web application firewalls (WAFs), secure web gateways (SWGs) and enterprise firewalls. CASB vendors understand that for cloud services the protection target is different: it’s still your data but processed and stored in systems that belong to someone else. CASBs provide a central location for policy and governance concurrently across multiple cloud services — for users and devices — and granular visibility into and control over user activities and sensitive data.

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