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Cyber Security in times of Covid:
Are you ready for protecting your data and operations?

Over the past few months, the home office has become the norm and a major challenge for organizations. Also, the increasing number of cyber attacks represent a major risk for your organisation's sensitive data and critical systems. 

In this unprecedented situation, WIRD Group can help you to protect your teleworkers, ensure your business continuity and protect your data with leading cyber security platforms and solutions, all of them rated as leaders in their sector by Garntner Group. 

The key areas of defence are:

  • Endpoint Protection: Protect your organisation's devices, on-site or remotely accessing your infrastructure

  • Identity & Access Management: Provice secure user access to data and applications with IAM

  • Network Security: Control remote access to data and operations with Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

  • Cloud Security: Get granular visibility into cloud services with Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)


Protect your devices
Endpoint protection

The intense use of organizations' laptops, tablets and phones increased the BYOD practice for remote workers.
These devices are often lacking basic security features but require access to business applications.

Recommended solution:



Secure user access 
to data and applications

Remote access to data and  applications needs to be protected and controlled regardless of how and where accessed by authorized users.
Critical business applications require High Availability to support increased workload.

Recommended solutions:

F5 Networks, Thales Gemalto


Control remote access
to data and operations

Sensitive data needs to be secured and protected during communications via remote access with employees now working from home.

Recommended solution:

Palo Alto Networks PRISMA


Get granular visibility
into cloud services

As employees use their own systems and apps from home, increased sharing of information via methods unapproved by the corporate security policy – Shadow IT / Cloud Services 
(box, email, instant messaging,  etc).

Recommended solution:



WIRD Group is ready to support you with solutions that can be implemented quickly and securely.
Our experts are available for implementation and configuration of any IT security solution.

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