Cloudian - The Object Storage Company

Cloudian solves even the biggest capacity storage challenges. Cloudian® file and object storage solutions are powerful and easy to use. Proven with enterprise applications worldwide, clients get infinite scalability and limitless possibilities.


WIRD Group is certified Cloudian partner and offers these highly scalable, easy-to-use file and storage to Swiss corporate and institutional clients. 

Cloudian S3 Object Storage Solutions 

Cloudian simplifies on-premise enterprise storage with unlimited scalability that consolidates large volumes of data into a single, easy-to-manage environment. The 100% native S3 interface is fully compatible with Amazon S3, the de facto standard for cloud object storage.


The Cloudian S3 Object Storage can also be used in a as-a service model from the cloud. The WIRD Group provides the S3 Cloudian solution from our Swiss Cloud Data Center infrastructure for our clients.

Enterprise Object Storage


  • Cloudian® HyperStore® object storage solves the biggest storage challenges.  The deployment of HyperStore nodes wherever capacity storage is needed, scale seamlessly.

  • Simplicity is built in. Nodes form a global data fabric that are managed within a single framework.

  • With the industry’s most compatible S3 API and a proven, hyperscale architecture, Cloudian HyperStore is the antidote to storage complexity.

  • Cloud storage solutions available are: Storage-as-a-Service, Private Cloud Storage, Google Hybrid Cloud and Amazon Hybrid Cloud

Data Protection Solutions with Scalable Backup


  • Cloudian® breaks the price-performance barrier with a disk-based backup target that is fast, simple, and cost-effective.

  • Cloudian HyperStore® is scale-out storage that provides cost-effective capacity expansion for the Rubrik system.

  • Available as an appliance or as software, Cloudian HyperStore fully complements Rubrik capabilities with limitless capacity and non-disruptive scalability.

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Private Cloud Storage Solution


  • Most organizations have some data that needs to be maintained on-site for performance or data governance reasons. For that data, Cloudian® provides a simple solution: A hybrid cloud with S3 object storage in your data center.

  • Cloudian in your data center is the on-premises equivalent of the public cloud. 

  • It uses the same APIs, offers the same limitless scalability, and is just as easy to use.

  • Cloudian is a 100% native S3 API, it is fully interoperable with your S3-enabled applications.

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HyperFile Scale-Out Enterprise File Services

  • Cloudian HyperFile® delivers scalable enterprise file services, on-prem.

  • Together with Cloudian HyperStore®, HyperFile provides a cost-effective solution for your capacity-intensive, less frequently used files.

  • Seamlessly grow from terabytes to petabytes. File connectivity at 1/3 the cost of enterprise NAS.

  • Consolidate unstructured data to a limitlessly scalable platform.

  • Support Windows and Linux users and applications with SMB/NFS/FTP, plus Active Directory and LDAP integration.

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Data Lifecycle Managment

  • Offload less-frequently used files — which typically consume 60% or more of the footprint — from Tier-1 NAS to Cloudian. 

  • Cloudian integrates with file lifecycle management solutions that let you immediately reclaim that space by moving cold data to on-premises Cloudian storage.

  • Cloudian HyperStore seamlessly integrates with Purity CloudSnap as an intelligent, on-prem backup, archive, and DR storage target protecting any FlashArray dataset. 

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Compliance-ready File Sync & Share

  • Cloud-like file sharing, with the security of on-prem storage.

  • CTools to detect personal data usage.

  • Enterprise-wide file sharing and collaboration while ensuring GDPR compliance.

  • Monitor and control the use of sensitive information with deep content indexing.

  • Cloudian® and Storage Made Easy® (SME) combine an on-premises data repository, data governance policies and a cloud-like user experience.

  • Users can be more productive while IT maintains control.

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