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Cloudian Data Protection Solutions

The Cloudian S3 object storage is the basis for cost-effective, fast and secure solutions when it comes to backup, archiving or desaster recovery for large enterprises with complex data solution needs but also for smaller companies and organisations. In a combination between on-premise and cloud data storage, Cloudian sticks out with many top in many ways:

Modern S3 Storage for Future-proof Backup and Recovery


Cloudian backup works perfectly with most existing backup server solutions such as Rubrik, VEAAM, Commvault, Veritas and others .


The Cloudian solution has the following properties:

  • Scalability: With Cloudian get infinite scalability without disruption in a cloud-like grow-as-you-go storage model

  • Speed: Cloudian offers best RPO / RTO rates with fast on-premise backup and restore

  • Security: Cloudian has the most security certifications worldwide of any on-prem object storage

  • Ransomware Protection: Cloudian S3 Object Lock integration with VEEAM and Commvault offers certified data immuability

  • Cost savings: Cloudian offers up to 70% cost savings compared to public cloud or traditional storage

Example: Send Data from Rubrik to Cloudian and Save on Backup Storage

Cloudian serves as an on-premises backup, replication, and archival target for Rubrik backup processes. If you wish to move data offsite, policy-based tiering to the public cloud provides a simple disaster recovery option.


Rubrik allows IT to easily automate backup, replication, and archive to Cloudian HyperStore by using its policy-based engine. No additional software installation or plugins are needed to connect Rubrik with Cloudian. Rubrik sends deduplicated data to Cloudian, reducing storage costs. If an offsite copy is required for DR, use Cloudian’s policy-based replication to AWS, Google, and Microsoft clouds. Cloudian connects directly to all three, with no middleware or additional software.

Available as an appliance or as software, Cloudian HyperStore is a simple, scalable, and cost-effective S3-based storage target for Rubrik backup. Cloudian disk-based storage provides an on-prem target for your backup data to accelerate RTO and RPO. At up to 70% less cost than public cloud, and with greater performance—data restore in seconds to minutes, not hours to days—Cloudian completes your Rubrik solution.

Features and benefits of a combined Cloudian - Rubrik solution

  • Proven, plug-and-play, exabyte-scalable Rubrik backup target

  • Costs under $.01 per GB per month, including support

  • Policy-based tiering to AWS, Google, Microsoft

  • Most S3-compatible on-prem object storage

  • Fast, local access to data

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