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Cloudian Data Storage for Kubernetes

The Cloudian Kubernetes S3 Operator provides a convenient and easy way to connect exabyte-scalable Cloudian storage with your Kubernetes-based applications. Based on the S3 API, Cloudian offers cloud-like access to storage in your own data center with the lightweight Cloudian S3 Operator using S3 APIs.

Modernise Your Storage With Agile and Scalable Storage

Built on the S3 API, Cloudian lets you dynamically or statically provision object storage with this lightweight Operator using S3 APIs. You get cloud-like storage access in your own data center.

View the Cloudian Kubernetes S3 Operator Demo below:


Cloudian Offers Complete S3 API for Application Portability

Designed as a native-S3 API platform, Cloudian offers the industry’s most complete S3 API compatibility.  This also enhances application portability, so code can be written and then deploy it where this code is needed. In addition, a self-serve storage access using the standard Kubernetes Persistent Volume (PV) and Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) methodology to provision assets is also provided.


So this is storage as needed for Kubernetes, agile and standards-based.

Cloudain App Portability.png

Cloudian Provides Multi-tenancy for Shared Storage

With Cloudian, your private cloud can be shared among multiple use cases and operating environments. Cloudian’s secure multi-tenancy lets you create separate namespaces and self-serve management environments for development and production users.


Each tenant’s environment is isolated, with data invisible to other tenants. The Performance can be managed separately and with integrated quality of services (QoS) controls.

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