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Swiss Sign

SwissSign - Trusted Identities for Digital Security

SwissSign is a recognised trust service provider (TSP) and leading provider of digital certificates, electronic signature solutions and identity services. SwissSign protects all of your data according to the highest security standards. 

Digital certificates enable customer authentication and encrypted data transmission, thus protecting digital services against unauthorised accesses. Using our electronic signature solutions, customers can conclude legally valid business transactions online at any time. Identity services like SwissID provide public authorities, insurance providers, banks and other online services with a certified identification process, enabling simple and efficient customer onboarding. 

SwissSign is a data security specialist by Swiss Post. 

WIRD Group is a SwissSign partner and provides trusted identities for its clients. WIRD's Managed PKI solutions for Swiss corporate and institutional clients are based on SwissSign digital certificates

The Two Cornerstones of the SwissSign Offering



  • SwissID is the digital identity of Switzerland which enables simple and secure access to the online world of businesses and private individuals.

Certificate Services


  • ​​​​Thanks to electronic certificates, data can be exchanged in encrypted form and therefore protected against unauthorised access. ​

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