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WIRD CloudBox - Flexible, high-quality Space

Save, share and synchronize your documents with maximum security 

  • Maximum security: Our dedicated and redundant data centers are located in Switzerland

  • Each platform is built in a private cloud

  • The integrity of your data is checked with every change

  • Every day your data is backed-up in a second data center

  • Each file or even a complete platforms can be recovered up to 30 days after deletion

  • Before each release upgrade, the WIRD CloudBox passes more than 5000 unit tests

File Sharing, Confidentiality and Tracability
  • Share your files directly from the platform by creating user accounts

  • By link: here no account to create and no connection to the required platform, your correspondent receives a link to access shared documents

  • Event logs and complete traceability of actions performed on the platform

  • E-mail alerts configurables on each folder of the platform: your users are automatically notified when a document is filed or updated

Collaborative Working
  • With WIRDCloudBox, discover new team working perspectives 

  • Access your data without time or location constraints

  • Exclusive access lock: prevent another person from modifying a document by same time as you

  • History of all versions of a file

  • Annotations on folders and files, similar to a post-it

  • Real-time notifications: each team member is automatically informed as soon as a file is modified

Intuitive Web Interface
  • With WIRD CloudBox manage very finely the access to data for your users 

  • Each user has a personal account to connect to WIRD CloudBox

  • Choose which user or group of users can access which information on the platform, and what actions they can perform (browse, read, download add, modify, delete and invite another user)

  • Share a folder with as many users or groups as necessary

Synchronisation Software
  • WIRD CloudBox installs on your computers and synchronizes selected folders

  • Distribute your documents to your team members in real time 

  • Files are automatically synchronized on WirdCloud

  • Detect changes executed within the file in order to transfer only the modified data

Mobile Application
  • Access your data online from any environment  

  • Application on IOS and Android 

Monthly Cost
  • Volume-based pricing per slice, monthly cost exkl. VAT

  • 250 GB → CHF 136.- 

  • 500 GB → CHF 272.-

  • 1 TB → CHF 544.- 

  • 2 TB → CHF  1'088.-

  • Other sizes are possible

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