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Proactive IT Security

Our total enterprise solution provides you with a secure and reliable network infrastructure and enables your company to communicate securely with subsidiaries, international office, partners, suppliers and customers. Our services include the conception and implementation of enterprise networks as well as the connection to your data center. We pay special attention to the network transitions between the enterprise and the outside world. We ensure that you have a secure gateway solution.

Firewall, Switching & Routing


Securing your ICT infrastructure against external threats still requires a strong, up-to-date firewall solution. It is like the lock on your door. It is still an integral part of the defense dispositive. 


Since information between computers and larger networks is transferred using routers and switches, they become the primary targets for hacking and information leaking. Thus, to ensure network security, it becomes essential to protect routers and switches against outside tampering.

WIRD addresses all aspects of firewall, switching & routing security offering lastest solutions for:

  • User Authentication

  • Next Generation Firewalls

  • Intrusion Detection

  • Intrusion Prevention 

DDoS Attack Prevention & DDoS Defense

WIRD defends your enterprise against DoS attacks or keeps at least the downtimes to an absolute minimum. If you have not been attacked so far, do not hesitate to discuss the necessary technical and organisational measures with us in order to protect your web presence against these malicious attackers. Our WIRD Security Specialists are at your disposal to help!


WIRD provides a comprehensive DDoS Mitigation solution, which offers protection against volumetric DDoS attacks on your Cloud data center or on-premise data center resources.

A defense strategy has to be defined individually based on different factors, constraints and objectives. Please contact us to speak to our specialists. 

Web Gateway & Web Application Firewall

Secure Web Gateways utilize URL filtering, advanced threat defense, legacy malware protection and application control technologies to defend users from Internet-borne threats and to help enterprises enforce Internet policy compliance.


Web application firewalls (WAF) filter, monitor, and block HTTP traffic to and from a web application. A WAF is differentiated from a regular firewall in that a WAF is able to filter the content of specific web applications while regular firewalls serve as a safety gate between servers.
By inspecting HTTP traffic, it can prevent attacks stemming from web application security flaws, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), file inclusion, and security misconfigurations.

Based on the WG/WAF solution offered by leading producers, WIRD protects our client's ICT infrastructures with latest WG / WAF technologies.

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