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OPSWAT - Protecting the World's Critical Infrastructure

OPSWAT protects critical infrastructure (CIP). OPSWAT's goal is to eliminate malware and zero-day attacks. We believe that every file and every device pose a threat. Threats must be addressed at all locations at all times—at entry, at exit, and at rest.


OPSWAT products focus on threat prevention and process creation for secure data transfer and safe device access. The result is productive systems that minimize risk of compromise. That’s why 98% of U.S. nuclear power facilities trust OPSWAT for cybersecurity and compliance.

OPSWAT. Trust no file. Trust no device.

Industry Leading Cybersecurity Products

Solutions bring to life the specific use cases that OPSWAT products are ideal for.

MetaDefender Platform


Enterprises are investing more resources than ever in cybersecurity – and yet there are more and larger breaches every year. Thousands of threat prevention solutions are on the market, but most of them share one crucial flaw: they are based on detection, but detection is never 100% perfect. That's why our advanced threat prevention platform, MetaDefender, is not only based on detection.

MetaDefender uses OPSWAT's unique deep content disarm and reconstruction (Deep CDR) to remove threats from files by reconstructing the files and, in the process, stripping out potentially malicious content and scripts. MetaDefender also offers multiscanning, file-based vulnerability assessment and proactive data loss prevention (Proactive DLP).

MetaAccess Platform


The move by enterprises to cloud computing, SaaS applications, and bring your own device (BYOD) environments over the last decade has eliminated the traditional network perimeter, making most network access control (NAC) solutions obsolete.

To meet the challenges of modern cloud-based environments and provide administrators with an access control solution for the cloud, we built MetaAccess.

MetaAccess keeps SaaS applications and cloud data safe and secure. It allows access based on device health and compliance to help administrators block risky devices from connecting to sensitive cloud data and SaaS applications.

OPSWAT Solutions

Solutions bring to life the specific use cases that OPSWAT products are ideal for.

OT & Industrial Cybersecurity

Govern and secure transfers of files and devices across networks and unidirectionally replicate industrial data

Secure Device Access

Enterprises struggle with security enforcement of unmanaged devices and endpoints. OPSWAT confirms that every device complies with security policies.

Network Access Control

OPSWAT delivers zero-trust visibility, security and control both inside and outside the traditional network environment with NAC and SDP solutions.

Application Security

Detect, remediate and prevent security issues across the application lifecycle.

Malware Analysis

Analyse files with all of the leading anti-malware engines through a single interface.

E-MMail Security

The majority of malware continues to be initiated via e-mail. OPSWAT protects your organisation against advanced e-mail attacks.

Storage Security

Protect your on-premise or cloud storage services and maintain regulatory compliance.

Developper Tools

Join hundreds of securtiy vendors benefiting from OPSWAT Technology - providing industry-leading device and data security.

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