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IBM Mainframes and Power Systems continue to deliver unsurpassed reliability

April 15, 2019, Patrice Burger


IBM Z and IBM Power Systems achieved the best results for the 11th consecutive year, according to a global survey on the reliability of server and server operating systems.

ITIC's annual survey surveyed more than 1,000 companies worldwide from October 2018 to January 2019. The survey compared the reliability and availability of 18 different server platforms and a dozen operating systems. In order to obtain the most accurate and independent results possible, ITIC did not accept any sponsorship from providers.


IBM Z is in a class of its own: 83% of respondents stated that their companies achieved uptime of 99.999% - 99.9999% (five nines - six nines) or longer, which corresponds to a statistical downtime of about 30 seconds per year.


It also shows that IBM POWER8 and IBM POWER9 are systems with annual downtime of (statistically) less than 2 minutes.

Server reliability is an important feature that affects every aspect of an organization's daily operations and business results.

These survey results reflect the prevailing industry trends that are focused on higher reliability, availability and security.

For our customers, the security and reliability of IBM Z and IBM Power Systems are essential to managing high-performance computing workloads from core banking transactions to AI and blockchain.


It's no coincidence that enterprise customers are once again giving IBM Z and IBM Power Systems the top marks for reliability.

The results underscore the technical excellence and robustness of the IBM Z and IBM Power Systems families, which with reliability, availability and maintainability (RAS) support today's applications such as big data and analytics in the digital age of cloud computing and virtualization environments. The high reliability of IBM Z and IBM Power Systems is achieved by developing the entire IBM technology stack. It is a coherent IBM design from A to Z.


When reliability is a company's overarching requirement for its IT system, IBM Z and IBM Power Systems are the obvious choices.

About the author:

Patrice Burger is Senior Consultant for IT Infrastructure Solutions at the WIRD Group, specializes in IBM Solutions and is based at the WIRD Office in Baar, ZG. He can be reached at 041 747 3737 or

WIRD Group is IBM Platinum Business Partner for Switzerland and has a total of 6 locations in Switzerland. Here you can find the information about the WIRD locations >>


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