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WIRDCloud Housing Service

Do you have a server which you would like to host in a quality data centre in Switzerland? WIRD Cloud provides any size of  housing space in a shared rack or entire racks in our data center in Lausanne, Switzerland. Your servers are accessible during office hours.
If 24-hour access to your servers is required, please have a look at our colocation products.

What Our Housing Service offers
  • Data centers Tier 3 / 4

  • ISO 27001 certification

  • IP Public and Transit IP, guaranteed bandwidth

  • Cross-connect telco, Cloud Fabrics, internet access

  • Secure access to your infrastructure 24/7

  • 22U & 42U racks available, including 16/32A power supply

  • Backup power supply (UPS and generator)

  • Redundant air conditioning

  • Gas fire detection and suppression

  • Housing starting at 1U

  • Housing of non-rackable machines is possible

  • Customer interface for real-time information (power consumption, bandwidth used, etc.) available

Our Housing Service plans
Set-up cost (one time)
Available space
Energy consumption
Rack width 1 U
CHF 90 per month
CHF 180
1 U
0.5 A (115 VA)
1000 GB
Contact us for ordering
Rack width 2 U
CHF 160 per month
CHF 180
2 U
1 A (230 VA)
1500 GB
Contact us for ordering
Rack width 4 U
CHF 240 per month
CHF 180
4 U
1.5 A (345 VA)
2000 GB
Contact us for ordering
Other option for our Housing Service
  • Additional network port

  • Additional electrical socket

  • Remote restart of electrical outlets through the customer interface

  • Data backup on our WIRDCloud Servers

  • Easy upgrade to one or our other WIRDCloud Services (Hosting, IaaS, PaaS, etc.)

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