WIRD Group Key Activities



           WIRD Group is a leading
Swiss provider for large
on-premise IT infrastructure solutions since 1997.

Hybrid IT


           Your organisation wants
the best of both worlds. A sensible mix of cloud services and classic solutions.


       Client-specific cloud services based on our own, 100%
Swiss-based and ISO 27001         
certified data centers.            


Security, availability and performance for your network, your applications and
your back-ups.


WIRD Group is a leading system integrator and IT solution provider in Switzerland. WIRD Group offers the entire portfolio of IT infrastrucure and security solutions as well as entirely Swiss-based cloud solutions. Our know how, service and solution portfolio can be grouped into 4 areas: 

  • Traditional IT 

  • Hybrid IT

  • Cloud Services 

  • Security (on-premise and cloud-based)

Founded in 1997, the enterprise with its head office in Baar (Central Switzerland) covers as one of few IT providers the entire geography of the Swiss market with representation offices in Geneva, Lausanne/Ecublens and Lugano/Manno.

Since November 2013, the company Cortex IT SA with offices in Monthey/VS and in Sion is also part of WIRD Group. Cortex IT is a renowned  cloud & data center infrastructure provider. Cortex' data centers are based in Switzerland. ISO 27001 certification ensures best security and quality of services. 


In spring 2016, the company Gate Informatic SA became part of WIRD Group. Gate was a leading provider of on-premise infrastructure solutions for the french-speaking part of Switzerland.

WIRD's customers are typically medium to large enterprises or internationally active groups as well as Swiss federal and cantonal public organisations. WIRD covers a very broad spectrum of industry and service sectors frrom insurance, banking / asset management, pharma-/life sciences, consumer and luxury goods to trading and business service companies.