Hotela Insurance:
WIRD Cortex provides th secured infrastructure for collaboration development of business applications

Requirement / task: 

Companies which develop or customize their business software often do so in collaboration with external partners. The main challenge is then to include these external parties in the systems development life cycle (SDLC), while enforcing secured access to the development environment, and retaining speed and agility.

Implemented solution:

The solution that was discussed had the following requirements; it had to be located in Switzerland, had to be compliant with the Swiss bank regulator’s recommendations (FINMA), and ensure data security through proper processes and procedure.

Technically, the solution had to allow granular resource invoicing because this platform was only going to be used part-time during the year. It also needed to be flexible and allow the customer to import their development environment. Finally it needed to allow a secure connection through a VPN for all parties to connect.

WIRD Groups’s IaaS platform was the perfect fit for this project.  Our datacenters are only located in Switzerland, and in different risk zones to mitigate any natural or man-created hazards. The ISO 27001:2013 certification ensured all compliance requirements were answered, and finally our platform answered all the technical needs requested by the IT and security teams



Advantages of the provided solution:

Overall, our customer benefited from the following advantages:

  • A development platform available only at selected stages during the software lifecycle, and therefore at a significant price reduction compared to the on-premise solution that they used previously.

  • A centralized place for all parties to join efforts in the development if the software, without access limitation headaches, and without the need to provide IT support to their partners.

  • A secured space where sensitive data is safeguarded by processes and procedures monitored by the globally recognized ISO organization.

  • A flexible environment where technical IT staff and developers alike can modify the applications on their own, in a dynamic and controlled manner.



Solution components:

WIRDCloud IaaS provides:

  • Virtualized environment based on OpenStack and VMWare

  • Dedicated IPSEC VPN connections

  • Firewalled internet connection

  • Double-site redundancy

  • Granular data retention SLAs

  • Scale-up our scale-out possibilities

  • Service load-balancing

  • DDoS protection

  • Application segmentation to ensure tier-security

  • Possibility to build workloads from scratch or import existing

  • Build your own environment with few technical constraints and maximum flexibility

  • Monthly invoicing, possibility to start/stop services as desired